Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Today was a great day. Have you ever had a day full of nothing special but left you feeling really good? Well today was one of those days. I really enjoyed my kids today, I got to spend time with a friend, went shopping, and now I am doing laundry and listening to Shane and Shane. Life is good. Simple and good. I hope all of you are well also.



Sunday, October 5, 2008

miles davis and bowtie pasta

I am not quite sure why, but whenever I make pasta I am suddenly in the mood to turn off the television and listen to Miles Davis. I love sitting on my couch to eat while his crazy melodies fill my space. If makes me feel as if I am in a room full of people in a sexy high rise restaurant over looking the city. I imagine myself in a fancy sequin dress just sitting back and enjoying myself. But, alas, it is just me and my couch.... maybe I will watch tv tonight.