Friday, June 12, 2009

It's the boring things in life that always seem most important...

It is nice to blog. This is something I have forgotten over the past six months, but realized today I needed to get back to it. I want to tell you my stories. Here is one you might enjoy:

Last night my boyfriend and I decided to go to a late movie. The movie itself, Up, was nothing short of inspiring and I highly recommend it to everyone. Anyway, we came in separate cars and once we got back into the parking lot I followed him back to my house. I rolled down the windows and blasted some praise and worship music. It was the perfect night for this. As we drove the 25 minutes back to my house, I just let my mind wander. I thought about how great it was to spend this night with him. I thought about how blessed I am to have such a wonderful family, and I thought about how incredible it is to have a God that loves me so much. Then, I thought about him, the one in front of me, the one I am spending my life with. I thought about the stress in his life now, and all he has been through. Then something incredible happened. He rolled down his windows, and stuck his hand out to feel the wind pass by. Moving it though the air, I could tell he had a great night too and was truly enjoying something as simple as sticking his hand out the window. When I saw this from behind his car, I was touched to the point of tears. It may sound silly to someone who does not know him, but for me this was huge. It astonished me that someone who has lived though so many hard times is able to just enjoy the simple things. He is someone who "gets it". He never takes a second for granted, and always seems genuinely thankful for the company he keeps. To him every second is precious, and although he may have his moments like we all do, he truly loves life. So, as I watched him drive through the cool night feeling the wind on his hand and face I thought to myself, "My cup runs over".