Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 1

Today I wanted to explain myself a bit... I want this blog to be more of an experiment than me ranting on about how I feel about myself. I would like all of you to tell me what you think is beautiful, and what you struggle with. Come on, be brave! Anyway, today I experienced some true beauty, and I wanted to share it with you:

After my boss left for work, Avery and I began the day together. I got her dressed and sat her on the bed while I folded her laundry. She played and cooed and laughed and I folded. Simple everyday stuff, right? Maybe, but to me it made my day. She is so amazing and I enjoy even the most simplest things with her. She makes me feel beautiful. :)

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Brett said...

My answer is going to be similar to yours and kind of cliche but I was totally thinking it before reading your second paragraph :P. Anyway, I think it's the little things. I feel like we're always looking forward to the weekend or an event, I dunno, something not in the present. I'm struggling to put this last part into words but I guess my answer is that sometimes the mundane things in life can make us happy and being able to recognize that is a wonderful thing in itself. I hope that made sense 'cause I still don't like how I worded that last sentence.